Project Description


The HOME COURT Project was a homage to Milwaukee’s culture of Court Art and a memorial to its creator Robert Indiana, whose MECCA Floor brought together the seemingly opposite world’s of Sport and Art. In his design, Indiana interwove artistic metaphors to convey a deeper message by using vibrant color, geometric shapes and symbolic words. The HOME COURT design was crafted with the same attention to detail by Benjamin Koller, owner of the MECCA Floor, and Steve Kodis, leader of the Milwaukee Flag Initiative:

  • HOME = Heart Of the Mother is in Everyone.
  • The Center Circle from various angles reveals the words Earth, Art and Heart creating the main poetical metaphor: “Art is in the Heart of Earth, the Home Around US.”
  • The four (4) polar opposites of Black and White are united through the full-spectrum of colour.
  • Free throw circles use the new Milwaukee flag colours to represent our own Circle of Influence on Earth


The Play in the Paint Court was Designed, Developed, and Delivered by the youth of the PEAK Initiative and the surrounding Tiefenthaler Park. In 2019, Activate Co., Steve Kodis, the PEAK Initiative, Artists Working in Education, and the Friends of Tiefenthaler Park led a small group of students through a series of art workshops. Through this class, our job as guides was to take the students through a process of discovering their own artistic creativity, their own color palette, and ultimately their own mural design from which to paint on the second court.

The Play in the Paint Court expands on themes from last year’s HOME Court: “Art is at the Heart of Earth”. In one sense that’s what basketball is; athletic performance art. Art that you can participate in through sight and sound. The Play in the Paint court design showcases a student’s representation of Earth at center while building on the “Hear the Art” phrase. The remainder of the court design uses dynamic jutting lines to create visual energy and movement and subtle “M” forms, in the shooting lanes, to connect the court to “Milwaukee” and Robert Indiana’s infamous MECCA floor.