We Engage Communities Through Creative Experiences

Our mission is to connect the Community by activating people and unused space through the idea of Sports and Art, thus providing focal points where all can gather. Founded in 2017, Activate MKE promotes the Community by creating, renovating, and beautifying outdoor basketball venues around the city. We see our communities’ parks as centers for inspiration. Over the last year, we have developed a Curriculum and Course that turns hoop dreams into practical designs; taking students through the process of Designing, Developing, and Delivering on their own basketball Court Art, backboard collages, and handmade nets.

Your community & your neighborhood park…it’s worth creating.

Reach out today regarding your neighborhood’s parks: activatemke@gmail.com

About Our Class

The Play in the Paint Court Art Course and Curriculum takes students through the process of Developing, Design, and Delivering on their own unique Court Art, Backboard Art, and handcrafted nets:

  • Develop: Students are engaged in conceptualizing Peace, Family, Community, Sport and Art.
  • Design: Through a series of Art Workshops students may draw, color, and paint aspects of their Court Art.
  • Deliver: Students, along side our team of Painters, execute their Court Art on their community park’s basketball surface.

The main focus of the class is to develop the mindset and methods of community-centered designs; thus creating a sense of accountability in our parks.

BackboardArt & Nothing But Nets

We partner with Artists Working in Education and Nothing But Nets to take the students through the process of designing their own Backboard Art and hand-crafted nets. Nothing But Nets’ mission is to create unique basketball nets for hoops in need, and in the process bringing neighbors together through civic stewardship.

Strands of colorful paracord are woven together around a steel rim with the ultimate goal of catching a ball, offering the gratification of a swish. What seems like a small cognitive sound recognition can go a long way toward increasing self-value.

Joseph Franke
Joseph Franke Co-founder
Franke, along with Wleczyk and Hartsuiker, founded the organization in 2017. He currently studies law at Marquette University Law School.
Chad Wleczyk
Chad Wleczyk Co-founder
Wleczyk, along with Franke and Hartsuiker, founded the organization in 2017. Wleczyk is dedicated to making a transformative difference in the lives of others and cities.
Alec Hartsuiker
Alec Hartsuiker Co-founder
Hartsuiker, along with Wleczyk and Franke, founded the organization in 2017. Along with this position, specializes in athletic floor installations.

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